Magnetic Plus Fuel Saver 
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made in the USA
Our fuel saver is made in the USA
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How It Works

The Magnetic Plus Fuel Saver Breaks Up Fuel Clusters

Our fuel saver maximizes fuel economy by improving combustion.

The Magnetic Plus fuel saver was developed to boost your engine's performance by taking advantage of the principles of hydrodynamic magnetics. Magnetic forces cause fuel molecules to attract one another forming clusters. This clustering decreases the surface area of fuel molecules exposed to oxygen. Because oxygen is necessary for combustion, fuel is inefficiently and incompletely burned. The unburned molecules are either emitted into the air in the forms of polluting hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, or they remain inside your engine causing carbon deposits and varnish buildup. Our fuel saver creates a special and powerful magnetic field that pushes the molecules apart, breaking up the clusters so that oxygen exposure is maximized. Optimal combustion takes place, less gas (and money) is wasted, and less pollution is produced. In addition, the improved combustion increases horsepower and allows faster ignition. "Break in" periods vary for each vehicle. Results may be seen in one or two fill ups, or may take longer due to varnish build ups, etc.

Buy  our fuel saver today and get better gas mileage and more horsepower.

Save money and save gas while contributing to air pollution control.

How would you like to improve your fuel economy while you add more horsepower? Would you like to decrease car pollution while you improve gas mileage? If so, the our product is the solution.

Our fuel saver will:
Increase Gas Mileage
Increase Horsepower
Maximize Fuel Economy
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